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CAGINK PRO Cellular Remote Chastity Cage

CAGINK PRO Cellular Remote Chastity Cage

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CAGINK Pro Cellmate 3 Cellular Remote Chastity Cage is here! Welcome to order!
First come, first served! Hurry up!

CAGINK Pro Size: 
  • Regular Cage:35*105mm(Front Length,detailed size as shown below)
  • Long Cage: 35*125mm(Front Length,detailed size as shown below)
  • Ring size: Adjustable snap ring
cagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage short size
cagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage long size

CAG.INK PRO Feature:
  • New function - Cellular network function.
  • Magnetic charging - Stable safe and fast.
  • Compact cage and ergonomic design. It is much weight-lighter than Cellmate 2.
  • excellent waterproof performance.
  • Bigger display: 0.96-inch OLED display, visualizing unlocking and shocking timer.
  • Improved shock frequency and sensation.
  • GSP positioning - Access his location anytime and anywhere. (The wearer can turn this feature off any time).

CAG.INK PRO Chastity Cage (International/Global Unlocked Version)
Introducing the CAG.INK Pro Chastity Cage: A leap toward advanced chastity experiences.

Elevate your adventure with QIUI's latest creation, the CAG.INK Pro Chastity Cage. Building on the Cellmate 2's respected basis, the CAG.INK Pro ushers in a new era of unmatched control, comfort, and connection. Experience the future of chastity with features that are meant to fit smoothly into your lifestyle.

Three connection modes can be switched any time.
Bluetooth: You can connect anytime and anywhere, no need to worry about the signal being weak or disappearing. Fully charged standby for 21 days.
Low-frequency cellular network: although the connection takes a while, the battery life is unbeatable. Fully charged standby 7 days.
Cellular network long chain: Always ready anytime, anywhere. Fully charged standby 1-2 days.

Experience the ultimate in remote control with the QIUI Cagink Pro Cellular Remote Chastity Cage. This advanced chastity cage comes with a real remote, allowing the owner to have full remote control without the need for the wearer to be constantly connected to a phone.

Unlock VIP features that enable remote control over a 4G Internet connection, giving you unprecedented freedom and convenience.

Enjoy optimized features including shock intensity, charging mode, and enhanced comfort, making this chastity cage the top choice for those seeking a high-quality, innovative solution. Don't miss out on this QIUI cellmate 3!

True remote control capabilities (needs an extra QIUI membership subscription) The presence of an integrated SIM card port transforms control. Achieve unrivaled remote command without the requirement for a direct connection to the QIUI app, providing unprecedented freedom and adaptability.

Improved Waterproof Design: Explore more of your adventures worry-free. A magnetic charging connector and enhanced waterproof performance guarantee dependability and user-friendliness. Convenience is waiting for you when you bid different charging devices farewell.

Slimmer and Lighter Construction: The Pro's lowered dimensions and weight provide a more comfortable fit. With its extended wear design, the CAG.INK Pro offers convenience and discretion without sacrificing security.

Superior Electrical Stimulation: The Pro model raises the stakes in thrilling gameplay. The electrical shock feature now offers even more possibilities to experiment and enjoy thanks to improved frequency, power, and experience.

Multiple fast charge modes: Magnetic charging, safe maximum speed, and stability. Standard rechargeable lithium battery, do not worry about loss of power can not be controlled. 

Wearer Location Tracking: it requires additional QIUI membership subscription. Keep track of the wearer's location.

Automatic Firmware Updates: Easily stay on the cutting edge. By enabling automatic over-the-air firmware upgrades, the CAG.INK Pro makes sure your device is constantly updated with the newest features and enhancements.

OLED Display: You can easily access important information with this 0.96-inch OLED display. Now, you can quickly check battery life, lock status, and other information, and it will blend in well with your everyday activities.

The CAG.INK Pro is a revolution rather than merely an enhancement. It invites you to discover new limits in terms of control and submission, all while providing unmatched comfort and state-of-the-art technology. With the CAG.INK Pro, you may open a world of possibilities and join the future of chastity.

100% Discreet Shipping Guaranteed.

What does the package contain for Cagink Pro?

  • A chastity cage
  • Charging cable
  • Wireless charging adapter
  • User manual
Your pre-order will determine the quantity and delivery time of our first batch of production.
The cellular network function requires a QIUI VIP subscription to work.
Our warranty policy or service only covers purchases that are made on our website. 

cagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-waterproofcagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-shock-functioncagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui=compact designcagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-gps locationcagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-share-socialcagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-LED screencagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-control-anywherecagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-connection-wayscagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-productcagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-chargingcagink pro cellmate 3 ring adjustablecagink pro cellmate 3 shock functioncagink pro cellmate 3  charger
Q: Does CAGINK PRO require a SIM card?
A: That's not necessary. The SIM card is al-ready built into the product.

Q: Can I change my SIM card?
A: No. In order to maximize the protectionof both parties privacy and device securi-ty, to prevent the bad guys hijacking. All network communication commands are en-crypted.Replacing the SIM card will makethe device unavailable.

Q:What are the requirements for CAGINKPRO to enable cellular mode?
A: The wearer needs to be bound,and thewearer has subscribed to QIUI VIP. Only thewearer needs to subscribe to the VlP.the keyholder is not required.

Q:I am the wearer and l want to turn off the key holder to shock me in real time, is that OK?
A:lf the device is not in hardcore modethe wearer can actively turn off the cellular OS time. However, if the device opens the core mode, the wearer can not take the initiative to turn off the cellular mode, the keyhold-er can control the device in real time, so please be sure to think carefully and turnon the hard core mode with a very trusted partner. Do not turn on impulse.

Q:I am the wearer, I don't want the key-holder to get my location without agree-ment. Can l do that?
A:Regardless of whether the hardcore modeis enabled, the wearer can turn off the de-vice's location acquisition at any time. This is to protect the wearer's privacy at a mini-mum.Access to geolocation is subject to localawsand regulations and is not availableirall countries and regions. This depends onthe local operators, and we have no way togive an answer for the time being.

Q:How about the shock intensity?
A:We have specially optimized the electricshock intensity, but the specifc feeling is different according to the changes of humanphysique and environment:in general, the contact surfaceis not large enough.
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