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3D Small Sissy Rose Chastity Cage

3D Small Sissy Rose Chastity Cage

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Bdsm Small Sissy Rose Chastity Cage Locked In Lust Male Chastity Device

Our 3D printed Micro Chastity Cage is small yet mighty, carefully crafted to satisfy your sensual cravings. A clit chastity cage is included into its creative design to provide an additional degree of control and stimulation.

Put Yourself in the Hottest sissy chastity cage! With a cage length of just 17 mm (0.67")–18 mm (0.70"), this little chastity device is ideal for covertly concealing the penis during social events or physical sports.

Each design comes with four rings in the following sizes: 42mm (1.65"), 45mm (1.77"), 48mm (1.88"), and 52mm (2.04"). It is available in three colors: pink, black, and white. The fear of selecting the incorrect size is gone!

Material:ABS. Our Chastity cage is made of premium resin and promises to last a long time with a smooth, silky texture that slides over your skin with ease.
Color: Select from our tempting selection of Pink, White, or Black; each tint has an own appeal and attraction.

Delivery list: 1 cage + 4 rings + 1 dark lock

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