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Black Silicone Short Cage

Black Silicone Short Cage

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There is something really tempting about an opaque chastity device. It could be to punish a slave by taking away not just their ability to ejaculate, but also their prized item. It is sometimes simpler for a slave to focus on you, their keyholder, when their cock is locked away and cannot be seen. Just how it should be!

This little black, short silicone item is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. It provides a more secure fit than our silicone range. The metal locking bar, which slots through the holes on the white side and center pins, making the entire system much more difficult to escape when the padlock is snapped shut.

The soft silicone material is also quite comfortable to wear, and with increased security, there's no reason to remove it. Previously, our silicone kits were advised for short-term play, as they are enjoyable to experiment with for novices. However, the new short silicone cage allows for extended lock-up times. You have two locking systems to select from, which I will go over in greater detail now.

It's wonderful to have options, and this device provides not only 5 rings in various sizes, but also the option of two locking techniques. The first use the metal locking bar I discussed earlier. Slide the locking bar into place, secure the padlock, and either store the key somewhere safe if you're self-locked or give it to your keyholder if you have one. The second method employs zippered number locks, which you also insert through the pin holes before pressing the top of the lock to shut it. The only method to remove these locks is to cut the locking wire, which will alert your keyholder if you've released yourself. Do not be naughty or you will be punished!

Sizing Information

Size: Small


Cage Length: 65mm

Total length including back ring - Longest length - 90mm, shortest length - 85mm 

Inside Diameter: 34mm

Included in the display box:

1 High Quality Black Silicone Cage

5 silicone rings in different sizes - 36mm, 38mm, 45mm, 48mm and 52mm (All inside diameter measurements)

Locking pins and spacers

1 Looped locking bar.

1 brass padlock with 2 keys

5 numbered zipper locks

Waterproof: Yes

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