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Blue Hole Cobra Chastity Cage Kit - 1.77 to 4.13 Inches Long

Blue Hole Cobra Chastity Cage Kit - 1.77 to 4.13 Inches Long

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Much stronger, smoother, and easier to use, the Blue Hole Cobra Chastity Cage Kit offers a seamless locking and unlocking experience. Crafted for exceptional durability and comfort, this open cage chastity design is constructed from strong, lightweight plastic, ensuring rigidity and break-resistance.

The kit features four options for arc rings, ranging in size from 4.3cm to 5.1cm, allowing users to find the perfect fit for their needs. It is crucial to strike a balance between abstinence and comfort, as a misfit arc or ring size can lead to complications and inconvenience, especially for first-timers.

Excessive abstinence can also result in a decrease in dopamine levels in the user's brain. This is where the Male Chastity Cage provides a solution, offering both restraint and comfort.

The discreet packaging ensures privacy, and each kit includes 1 cage, 4 arc rings, and 1 magic lock for a complete experience.

One set includes: 1*Cage;4* Arc Ring,1*Magic Lock
[E3L] Cage Length: 45mm (1.17 inches tube)
[D3L] Cage Length: 65mm (2.56 inches tube)
[C3L] Cage Length: 85mm (3.35 inches tube)
[B3L] Cage Length: 95mm (3.74 inches tube)
[A3L] Cage Length: 105mm (4.13 inches tube)
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