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CB6000 Silicone Chastity Cage Perverse Pink

CB6000 Silicone Chastity Cage Perverse Pink

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This is the perfect cage for beginners. This CB6000 silicone chastity cage is made of premium silicone, so you can't imagine how comfortable when being locked up.

It is high quality and very soft and flexible. It is ideal for a first time chastity.

The package comes with cage, chastity rings of 5 various sizes, a metal padlock, two keys, and 5 disposable locks.

Cage Length: 3.74 inches | 800mm  

Ring diameter: 36 mm – 38 mm – 40 mm – 45 mm – 48 mm

Cock Rings: One set contains 5 different rings to you.

Pack included: Cage + 5 Rings + Padlock + 2 keys + 5 disposal locks

Color: Perverse Pink

Material: Silicone

Did your master or mistress order you to lock your penis in a pink chastity cage?  Prove your obedience with this perfect cage!  

The advantage of this silicone chastity device is that it's very comfortable to wear, soft and flexible, and doesn't leave much freedom for your genitals.  The cage has vents to allow air to circulate freely and is comfortable to bathe in for weeks on end.  

Let our forced female dominance be imposed, and from now on you will be wearing a pink chastity cage.  There is no escape for your sex.  The mistress's only escape was to place the key carefully in her secret safe.  

Let's force the dominance of femininity to be imposed, and from now on you will be wearing a pink chastity cage. There is no escape for your sex. The only escape is for the mistress to carefully preserve the key in her secret safe. Pink will sublimate your submission! What are you waiting for? Don't miss it!

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