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Beta Male Chastity Device 1.77" To 2.28"

Beta Male Chastity Device 1.77" To 2.28"

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Beta Male Chastity Device 1.77" To 2.28"

Experience long-term chastity with the Beta Male Chastity Device. This stainless steel cage, designed for everyday and extended wear, is ideal for beginners. The cage features vents to keep you cool and is easy to clean, ensuring comfort and hygiene.


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Ergonomically shaped for discreet and comfortable wear
  • Weight: net weight about 160 g
  • Size: detailed dimensions provided
  • Cage size: length is about 45mm, diameter is about 33mm
  • Ring size: Three options to choose from (40mm/45mm/50mm)
  • Catheter size: length is about 135mm, diameter is about 8mm

The complete set includes one cage, one ring, one lock with two keys, and one catheter which can be removed according to preference.

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