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Desigh Ice Vision Clear Cobra Chastity Cage

Desigh Ice Vision Clear Cobra Chastity Cage

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Desigh Ice Vision Clear Cobra Chastity Cage

Introducing the newest Desigh Mamba Ice Chastity Cage, crafted from lightweight transparent clear resin using advanced 3D printing technology. This innovative design is the perfect combination of style and functionality for BDSM enthusiasts.

What sets our Mamba Ice Chastity Cage apart is its unique ghostly finish, providing a cool and mysterious aesthetic. Despite its transparent appearance, this cage doesn't compromise on durability or breathability, making it ideal for long-term wear.

The integrated locking bolt ensures discretion for everyday wear under clothing, adding convenience to its design. Each order includes 1 cage, 1 ring, and 1 lock, offering everything you need for a complete experience.

Sizes and Options:

  • XS: Total length: 55mm, Internal width: 32mm
  • S: Total length: 65mm, Internal width: 36mm
  • M: Total length: 80mm, Internal width: 37mm
  • L: Total length: 90mm, Internal width: 37mm
  • XL: Total length: 105mm, Internal width: 39mm

Base Rings sizes available: 42mm, 46mm, 48mm, 53mm, 60mm

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