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Design Metal Flower Basket Negative Chastity Cage

Design Metal Flower Basket Negative Chastity Cage

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Design Metal Flower Basket Negative Chastity Cage
Trapped in a chastity cage is a negative chastity cage. Finished, this cage features a tapered interior design with a waist circumference of 14 mm (0.55 in). Once the penis is erect, the conical opening provides a strong sense of restraint and the penis can protruded into the bell-shaped mouth while maintaining a high sense of restraint.

Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, the card in the Chastity cage offers a smooth and seamless finish, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant touch. Thanks to its seamless welded construction and secondary mirror finish, this cage has a perfect appearance with no weld marks or sharp edges.

The overall shape of the cage is like a flower basket, with a trumpet shape on the outside. It is available in four sizes :40mm(1.57 "), 45mm(1.77 "), 50mm(1.96 ") and 55mm(2.16 ").

Unlock a tantalizing possibility with stuck in a world of chastity cages, where control and desire intertwine in seamless harmony.

In addition, if you want a better experience, we recommend a chastity belt.
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