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Flat Chastity Prison Cage

Flat Chastity Prison Cage

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For a small penis, this is the ideal chastity cage. Your cock is not only locked up, but it is also squeezed till you turn into a chaste, subservient eunuch. It seems that your mistress is the only person who values you.

Its durable ABS material provides high-strength chastity constraint, as do other flat cages, but its ability to accept a metal catheter is a trait that other lightweight chastity cages do not have. If you attempt to become enthusiastic, it will punish you with a stinging pain. Furthermore, if you are a tidy freak, the catheter will be your salvation.

We have provided this chastity jail with a number of accessories, including a pin, four rings, and five throwaway coded locks. You can breeze through security checks thanks to the plastic-coded locks, which also spare you the awkward task of having to take down your pants for examination in the event that an alarm goes off.

Add a belt for the ultimate in comfortable male chastity. You have a choice of three colors.

Material: ABS Resin

Color: Pink, Black ,White

Size: Please refer to the picture parameters

Rings:  42mm(1.65"), 45mm(1.77"), 48mm(1.89"), 52mm(2.00")

Package included:
1* Chastity Cage
4* Rings
1* Lock With 2 Keys
5* Plastic Code Locks
1* Pin
1* Metal Catheter (Optional)
1* Belt (Optional)

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