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FUFU Clip Panty Clear Chastity Cage

FUFU Clip Panty Clear Chastity Cage

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FUFU Clip Panty Chastity for Sissy Male Mimic Female Pussy Chastity Device Light Plastic Trainingsclip Cock Cage Adult Sex toys

Size: as shown

Panty Chastity with the Fufu Clip

The FuFu Clip is a new feminizing product that aims to hide a bulge and prevent expressing erections. It is similar to a chastity device, but unlike the ball-catch chastity cages that make up most of the current market, the FuFu clip restrains the penis and balls behind it, leaving the wearer with a smooth front that mimics a female presentation,
These clips are one-size-fits-most, all scrotum sizes are not guaranteed to have a perfect fit into the clips.

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