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Hollow Female Chastity Bra

Hollow Female Chastity Bra

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The all-new Hollow Female Chastity Bra is a captivating creation that stands out with its unique design. This bra features a mesmerizing hollow structure, allowing your breasts to tantalizely peek, exuding an irresistible sense of sensuality. With a circular opening at the center, it offers endless possibilities for teasing and arousing your sensitive nipples, igniting your imagination.

The lock-chain shoulder straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, relieving any burden on your chest. The front lock acts as a constant reminder of your locked state, adding anticipation and excitement to the experience.

The Hollow Female Chastity Bra boasts an exquisite construction that seamlessly blends into any setting, whether you choose to wear it at home or venture out.

Unleash your inner goddess and elevate your seductive allure with the Hollow Female Chastity Bra. Get ready to captivate hearts, awaken desires, and embrace the empowering allure of your femininity most enticingly and playfully imaginable.


Material: Stainless Steel + Silicone

Color: Pink, Black, Blue

Chest Size: 60-90cm(23.62"-35.43")

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