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Hollow Twirl Plug Metal Anal Plug

Hollow Twirl Plug Metal Anal Plug

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material: Metal
Product Name: Gold Plated Anal Plug
Color: Gold
Weight: (S) 31g; (M) 53g; (L) 80g
(Measured by hand, there will be slight differences)

1. Clean the product before and after use, wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, and wipe gently with a towel or soft cloth.
2. Add a drop or two of your favorite sexual lubricant to the sexy butt plug before use.

1. Healthy material, no peculiar smell, safe and healthy.
2. High-end unique appearance and texture.
3. Does not hurt the body, is your best sex toys.
4. Fill your life with orgasms
5. Give you a different tactile experience and make you full of passion

6. Packing: Secret packing, no advertisement, write "toy".

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