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Honeycomb 3D Chastity Cage - Nylon Resin Material

Honeycomb 3D Chastity Cage - Nylon Resin Material

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Honeycomb 3D Chastity Cage

Experience the ultimate in comfort and security with our 3D Honeycomb Chastity Cage. Crafted from lightweight nylon resin, this cage boasts a stunning three-dimensional design that sets it apart from traditional chastity devices. The 3D printing process ensures precision and durability, while the detailed size caters to a perfect fit.

  • Material: Nylon resin, lightweight, highlighting three-dimensional sense
  • Process: 3D printing for precision and durability
  • Size: Detailed size available for a perfect fit
  • Shipping List: 1 cage, 4 clasps, 1 lock, 2 keys
  • Weight: About 90-100g
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