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Key Box APP Controlled

Key Box APP Controlled

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KEY POD is a smart  key box for chastity lock keys  - Bluetooth remote control  by QIUI.

Control at any time With bluetooth 

Connect bluetooth box and unlock through APP.  Even if it's in a different city or country, tap into the interaction.  

Charge whenever you arrive, full power, Type-c charging port, charging through mobile phone and computer.  Built-in lithium battery, charge once, standby half a year, unlock 500 times.  

The thrill of the countdown. Here are the keys.  A function belonging to an authorized authority.  Hour and minute Settings.  When the time comes to "click", the lock is released.  

Lock records are available. Everything's under control.  Record the unlock moment, bluetooth small lock to grasp the "click" bit by bit, all here.  

Small and exquisite convenient storage and carry.  The size is indistinguishable from a USB flash drive.  

Net weight: 20g

package size: 81.5*22*96 mm

More features:

Fully charged in one hour  

Environmental protection soft rubber material  

Lock opening records are available  

Timing setting unlocking  

How to download APP: Search for “QIUI” in APP store or Play store.

After install QIUI APP, click + and select the "KEY POD" as below


Keypod Guide:
1. Hold down the device button until the blue light is turned on.
2. After release, the device blinks green, indicating that the device is waiting to be connected.
3. Click "+" in the upper right corner of QIUI APP to search for bound devices.
4. After the device is bound, click Device Auto Connect on the list page. Bluetooth blinks after the device is connected.

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