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Men's Simulated Penis White Chastity Cage

Men's Simulated Penis White Chastity Cage

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The Realistic White Penis Chastity Cage is a shining example of style and practicality in the world of personal discovery, where desires blend with restriction.
This chastity cage, which takes its cues from the intricate details of human anatomy, is an incredibly realistic facsimile of the male penis. Every element, from the realistic glans to the fine folds of the foreskin, has been painstakingly created to arouse a sense of realism that captures the viewer's attention. It is more than just functional; it is the very essence of personal sacrifice.

Your Mistress gently clicks the lock to seal your doom as she encloses you in the cage. It's a surrender moment, an expression of your complete submission to her wishes. As the night progresses in a symphony of pleasure and pain, your senses become acutely acute.
Your Mistress pushes you to the verge of bliss with every whispered command and playful caress; the cage is a continual reminder that you are under her control. It's a dance between strength and yielding, a careful balancing act between control and release. During the silent times of contemplation, when the warm glow of the candles falls on your intertwined bodies, you become engrossed in the seductive embrace of your Mistress's power.

The nylon resin used to build this cage is lightweight and durable. A considerate opening at the apex of the glans fulfills two purposes. It not only makes it easy to urinate, but it also provides maximum ventilation, which keeps you feeling cool and refreshed all day.

Each cage comes with four rings of varying diameters and is available in four lengths, enabling a customized fit that fits a variety of body shapes. With the ability to tailor the experience to one's preferences, this white chastity cage provides a comfortable hug or a more laid-back imprisonment.

Material: Nylon Resin
Color: white
Cage size:
Mini: 90mm (3.5in)
Small: 102mm (4.0in)
Medium: 110mm (4.3in)
Large: 130mm (5.1in)
Ring size:
Version II:42mm (1.65in),45mm (1.77in),48mm (1.89in),52mm (2.05in)
Version III:38mm (1.50in),43mm (1.69in),48mm (1.89in),52mm (2.05in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 4 different size rings;1 lock+2 keys

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