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Metal Anal Hook With Connector

Metal Anal Hook With Connector

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Metal Anal Plug Auns Hook with Ball Prostate Massager Butt Plug Anus Dilator Stainless Steel Sex Toys for Men Women Gay Couples

Getting your slave or sub in the most submission position where they are completely at your mercy, with no defense, whatsoever. This adjustable anal hook with its collar connector is designed to have your slave looking up to you, waiting on your breath, with you in total control of what happens to them. There are collar connectors and there are anal hooks, this is a combination of the two torture devices. Have your slave in a tight grip on the neck and on the ass, keeping your slave on their knees for as long as you want.

The description of this set goes thus:

  • A retractable stick that can be adjusted to suit people of different heights
  • The anal hook is in a "J" shape that has a small ball attached to it, at the end. This ball creates an additional sensation to stimulate your partner.
  • There is a loop that is attached to the strap that goes over the back and can be connected to the collar around the neck of your slave. This loop is a connector that allows you to connect the stick and the collar to other BDSM toys.

This product has the following features

  • This combination of anal hook and collar connector can be used in different BDSM play, with a bit of adjustment and creativity, you can devise new ways of keeping your slave tied up
  • The retractable stick which is the link between the collar connector and the anal hook can be made to fit any length, although with the sole aim of keeping your slave controlled.
  • This product easily allows the incorporation of other bondage devices such as waist cuffs, chest strap and handcuffs.
  • The stick and anal hook are sturdy enough that they can withstand the strength of your slave's resistance and the pressure of moving around.
  • This available connector makes it easy to include this tool in other BDSM play.

This bondage device is designed to give you the ultimate control over your slave, and let them know their place, and keep them in place to receive whatever punishment you want to inflict on them. With the adjustable anal hook with collar connector in place, you can bend your slave into any position.

Package includes:

1pcs × Anal hook
2pcs × Retractable stick

Product Information
Material: Zine alloy
Length Range: 615-765mm
Weight: 185g

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