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New Black Silicone Cage

New Black Silicone Cage

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Soft, mushy, and often seen hanging between your legs. Sounds familiar? No, not that! Of course, we're talking about our new black silicone chastity cage, which is the device I'd recommend for those just starting out on their chastity journey. The smooth and slightly flexible body-safe silicone substance is more forgiving than our plastic or metal devices, and with new locking techniques added over our version, you'll also find a new level of security.

New Black Silicone Cage
New Black Silicone Cage accessories

We released the black silicone cage to assist those who are new to the amazing benefits of chastity as well as those who are looking for a wearable gadget for enjoyable play sessions that last longer. Since its launch, we've implemented a new method to lock the device together and listened to your input (many thanks to everybody who helped with this). After passing through the side pins and spacers, the metal looped locking bar is locked in place by the included padlock. We recommend using an elastic band to hold the padlock close to the cage if you want to stop it from bouncing about. Simple!

Using the single use click button zipper locks is the second way to lock your cage kit together. Insert the end of the wire into the white circular lock after it has passed through the holes in the white pins. After pressing the button beneath the lock, trim the extra wire. It is that simple, really. The lock must then be removed by cutting the wire, and as each lock is numbered, your keyholder will be able to tell if you've done it yourself. Don't be dishonest!

This kit is supplied with 5 ring sizes with internal diameters between 36mm - 52mm, so it’s a great package to go for if you’re looking to experiment with back ring sizing. The cage features more air holes than the previous  cb6000 silicone model, which will make it easier to keep yourself clean.

Sizing Information

Size: Standard


Cage Length: 85mm

Total length including back ring - Longest length - 105mm, shortest length - 100mm 

Inside Diameter: 36mm

Included in the display box:

1 High Quality Black Silicone Cage

5 silicone rings in different sizes - 36mm, 38mm, 45mm, 48mm and 52mm (All inside diameter measurements)

Locking pins and spacers

1 Looped locking bar.

1 brass padlock with 2 keys

5 numbered zipper locks

Waterproof: Yes

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