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Pathetic Nub Chastity Cage

Pathetic Nub Chastity Cage

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Pathetic Nub Chastity Cage

Experience complete restraint with the Pathetic Nub Chastity Cage. Unlike other cages, this one is designed to prevent any hint of arousal by pressing your cock close to your body, thanks to its ingenious penis cradle inside the pouch-shaped cage.

  • Ensure complete suppression of erections
  • Breathable design with multiple ventilation holes
  • Convenient hole for toiletry needs
  • Four interchangeable curved rings for a comfortable fit
  • Secure with integrated lock or plastic padlock

Embrace abstinence with confidence and comfort. This chastity device is available in a sleek black and clear design, and includes a fitted padlock, keys, and disposable locks for your discretion.

Color: Black, Clear

Material: Resin

Ring Dimensions: 1.42", 1.58", 1.77", 1.97"

Cage Length: Small: 3.27", Large: 3.86"

Cage Diameter: Small: 1.26", Large: 1.26"

Inclusions: 1 Fitted Padlock, 2 Keys, 5 Disposable Locks

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