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Pearl Chastity Belt

Pearl Chastity Belt

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This Chastity Underwear is crafted with your body in mind, ensuring a comfortable fit that won't chafe or hinder your movements, allowing you to wear it for extended periods without discomfort.

But what sets this Chastity Underwear apart is its adjustable chain design, finding the perfect fit has never been easier. The metal material undergoes a flawless mirror-polishing process, making it smooth to the touch with no sharp edges, and effortless to clean.

This enchanting piece consists of three chains, with two long chains measuring 650mm (25.59") in length, and a shorter chain measuring 370mm (14.56"). The pearl centerpiece, with a diameter of 30mm (1.18"), shines brightly, adding a touch of elegance to your experience. What's more, the pearl is ingeniously designed to be movable, allowing for an additional layer of stimulation and pleasure.

Embrace the blend of sophistication and playfulness with the Chastity Underwear. It's your invitation to explore the boundaries of pleasure and indulge in a world where desires are heightened.

So whether you're wearing it for a workout or a kinky play session, the Chastity Underwear has got you covered.


Material: Metal

Size: Please refer to the picture

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