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Penis Cage Auxiliary Fixing Belt

Penis Cage Auxiliary Fixing Belt

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The best attachment for providing support to your chastity cage is the Four Way Auxiliary Fixing Belt. This belt, which is composed of two hip belts and one waist belt, offers firm support to keep your chastity cage from slipping.

This belt is made to fit snugly and pleasantly. Its waist diameter is 70 cm (27.56"), and it can stretch up to 105 cm (41.33"). The hip straps are 33 cm (12.99"), and they can also stretch up to 45 cm (17.71").

With the combined strength of these three elastic straps, the Four Way Auxiliary Fixing Belt gives your chastity cage unmatched support. This belt offers a strong and dependable base for your chastity experience, so bid adieu to the hassles of possible slippage or undesired movement.

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