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QIUI CAG·INK Pro Chastity Cage Cellmate 3

QIUI CAG·INK Pro Chastity Cage Cellmate 3

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CAGINK Pro Cellmate 3 Cellular Remote Chastity Cage is here! Welcome to order!
First come, first served! Hurry up!

Experience the ultimate in remote control with the QIUI Cagink Pro Cellular Remote Chastity Cage. This advanced chastity cage comes with a real remote, allowing the owner to have full remote control without the need for the wearer to be constantly connected to a phone.

CAGINK Pro Size: 
  • Regular Cage:35*105mm(Front Length,detailed size as shown below)
  • Long Cage: 35*125mm(Front Length,detailed size as shown below)
  • Ring size: Adjustable snap ring

cagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui

cagink pro cellmate 3 app controlled chastity cage by qiui-size

CAG.INK PRO Feature:
Unlock the full potential of remote operations with advanced cellular connectivity.
  • New function - Cellular network function.
  • Magnetic charging - Stable safe and fast.
  • Compact cage and ergonomic design. It is much weight-lighter than Cellmate 2.
  • excellent waterproof performance.
  • Bigger display: 0.96-inch OLED display, visualizing unlocking and shocking timer.
  • Improved shock frequency and sensation.
  • GSP positioning - Access his location anytime and anywhere. (The wearer can turn this feature off any time).
Three connection modes can be switched at any time.
Bluetooth: You can connect anytime and anywhere, no need to worry about the signal being weak or disappearing. Fully charged standby for 21 days.
Low-frequency cellular network: although the connection takes a while, the battery life is unbeatable. Fully charged standby for 7 days.
Cellular network long chain: Always ready anytime, anywhere. Fully charged standby 1-2 days.

Unlock VIP features that enable remote control over a 4G Internet connection, giving you unprecedented freedom and convenience.

Enjoy optimized features including shock intensity, charging mode, and enhanced comfort, making this chastity cage the top choice for those seeking a high-quality, innovative solution. Don't miss out on this QIUI cellmate 3!

Your pre-order will determine the quantity and delivery time of our first batch of production.
The cellular network function requires a QIUI VIP subscription to work.
Our warranty policy or service only covers purchases that are made on our website.
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