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Special Negative Chastity Cage With Catheter

Special Negative Chastity Cage With Catheter

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Material: 304 stainless steel

Style: 149#


The latest arrival in our family of metallic chastity devices is here: the Negative Stainless steel Chastity Cage, which is a style of inverted flat chastity cage. This model has a unique negative cage design and is specifically designed for professionals who are exploring the limits and want to maintain their chastity for the long term.

The tube is designed to turn inward, which compresses your penis and prevents it from getting erect. You won't get away with it -- you'll be locked up forever! The flat cage shape allows you to pair it with any pair of jeans or even a skirt without anyone noticing and ultimately without anyone knowing there's a dick in it, not even you. Get out your best slip dresses, you can finally wear them without a stupid penis holding you back.

The Catheter can be removable.

The design enables you to urinate without removing the chastity device and it allows for easy cleaning as well. This negative chastity cage keeps you in place, but does not restrict your movements. Since it allows you to go to the bathroom while it's on, you don't need to take it off. Part of pretending to be a girl instead of a pathetic sissy involves embracing the lifestyle. Ideally, your partner controls every aspect of your unwanted cock, and we're sure you won't mind. You don't like it.

Embrace this Negative Stainless Steel Chastity Cage. This is just an easy way to temporarily lose your dick, buy an upside-down chastity cage now and see how much you enjoy being a submissive slave.

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