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Spiked Chamber Chastity Device

Spiked Chamber Chastity Device

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The newest addition to our collection - is the Spiked Chamber Chastity Cage Sex Toy! Made of high-quality Nylon resin, this lightweight and durable device is the perfect tool for those looking to explore the world of sexual bondage without burdening their penis.

Each set comes with 1 cage, 4 rings, and 2 concealed locks, as well as an additional matching lock pin and 5 code locks (Note: code lock color random). The net weight of the device is about 90g-100g, making it easy to wear for extended periods of time.

This male chastity cage is perfect for foreplay flirting, as it prevents your partner from achieving a complete erection, allowing you to tease and seduce them in new and exciting ways. Split sliding lock front cover that can be locked/removed.

Not only is this device functional, but it also with 30 spikes, Once bitten, never let go, that add a unique and edgy touch to your sexual play. This sex toy is discreet and perfect for sissy femboys looking to add some extra spice to their bedroom activities.

So why wait? Add the Spiked Chamber Chastity Cage to your collection today and experience the unparalleled pleasure it brings! Please note that there may be slight dimension differences due to manual measurement.


Color: Black, White

Nylon Resin

Diameter : Please refer to the picture

Ring: 42mm(1.65"), 45mm(1.77"), 48mm(1.88"), 52mm(2.04")

Weight: 90g-100g

Package included:
1* Chastity cage
4* Rings
1* Pin
2* Lock
5* Coded Locks (Color Random)

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