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Stainless Steel Glans Penis Ring

Stainless Steel Glans Penis Ring

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Stainless Steel Scrotal Weight-Bearing Ring

SM alternative toys erotic goods ~

Product Information

5 sizes to accommodate more sizes, sizes available for 99% of players ~.

Magnetic Adsorption

Magnetic design is convenient and quick, say goodbye to the tedious, magnetic force is large, firm can promote the penis blood circulation, so that the penis to keep full of vitality ~

Metal Material

Can be rinsed directly with water, easy to store, good texture ~

Mirror Polishing

Not pinch meat, rest assured that the weight of no worries, smooth appearance, beautiful curvature reflects the style of men ~

Complete Specifications

The same texture, different weight, different feeling ~

Firmly Worn

Not easy to fall off, through the testicle design, wear is not easy to fall off, firmly locked, extended time ~

Product Real Shot

New exploration, explore more ~

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