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Steel Pearl Chastity Underwear

Steel Pearl Chastity Underwear

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You may wear this Steel Chastity Underwear for lengthy periods of time without experiencing any discomfort because it is made with your body's needs in mind, providing a snug fit that won't chafe or impede your motions.

But what really makes this Chastity Underwear unique is its adjustable chain design, which makes it easier than ever to get the ideal fit. The metal material is perfectly mirror-polished, leaving it without harsh edges, smooth to the touch, and easy to clean.

Two large chains, each measuring 650mm (25.59") in length, and one shorter chain, measuring 370mm (14.56"), make up this enchanted item. The 30mm (1.18") diameter pearl centerpiece glows brilliantly, bringing a touch of elegance to your experience. Furthermore, the pearl's clever construction makes it moveable, adding even more stimulation and enjoyment.

Accept the fusion of refinement and fun when wearing the Chastity Underwear. It's an invitation for you to delve into the limits of pleasure and live in a world where your passions run wild.
So the Chastity Underwear has you covered whether you're using it for a kinky play session or a workout.

Material: Metal

Size: Please refer to the picture

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