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Steel Urethral Plug

Steel Urethral Plug

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Use the Penis Shaped Chastity Cage to find the ideal place for your cock. Its excellent design, high-quality materials, and well-considered features come together to provide an aesthetically pleasing and erotically fulfilling chastity experience.

Explore the feelings of prostate stimulation and delve into the dark corners of male pleasure. The Steel Urethral Plug's adaptable design satisfies a range of needs and preferences by serving as a masturbator or anal plug in addition to a urethral plug.

This plug's laser-engraved size markers let you monitor your progress and progressively reach higher pleasure levels. Every step forward is captured, enabling you to chronicle your experience and relish each phase of the culmination.

Select from four sizes, stepping down to a lower size at first and working your way up at your own speed. It's critical to assess your comfort level and take appropriate action.
Enjoy the improved feelings and life-changing encounters that the Steel Urethral Plug has to offer.

Material: Stainless steel

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