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White Silicone Cage Long

White Silicone Cage Long

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Those who know me will not be surprised to learn that I enjoy seeing slave D in latex, and while this silicone cage isn't quite the second skin that I cherish, it's close. We don't have many transparent clothing, but after seeing Slave D teased via this semi-transparent contraption, that may change. His twitching cock straining against the cage when I continually rejected him was the highlight of a recent play session in which we tried out this white silicone chastity cage.

We had previously played with him trapped in our basic white silicone cage, but only for small periods of time. If you intend to utilize our chastity devices for this purpose, a silicone cage is an excellent option. Wanting something a little more secure led us to a plastic or metal cage, but with the added security features on this device, we may have to reconsider our decision.

The updated white chastity device features a metal locking bar that slides between the center and side pins, which are then secured with the included traditional padlock. Alternatively, utilize the provided single-use push seal locks. They are individually numbered, allowing you to lock your submissive and ensure that they have not tampered with it to release themselves without permission.

If you're new to chastity, it's usually a good idea to try a few different ring sizes. This package includes five various ring sizes, allowing you to explore until you find the one that best suits you. Just make sure to verify the cage length and inside diameter to confirm that you're selecting the suitable cage size. Choosing an overly large cage can cause the back ring to pull forward if there is room at the end of the cage to grow into. Minimising this area is essential for a well-fitted cage.

Sizing Information

Size: Standard


Cage Length: 85mm

Total length including back ring - Longest length - 105mm, shortest length - 100mm 

Inside Diameter: 36mm

Included in the display box:

1 High Quality Clear Silicone Cage

5 silicone rings in different sizes - 36mm, 38mm, 45mm, 48mm and 52mm (All inside diameter measurements)

Locking pins and spacers

1 Looped locking bar.

1 brass padlock with 2 keys

5 numbered zipper locks

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