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White Silicone Cage Short

White Silicone Cage Short

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I saw you in there! Your poor, sad, miserable cock is attempting to become erect in that lovely little semi-transparent cage. Oh, don't be foolish; of course I won't unlock you this week. Maybe next week if you're very good, but let's be honest: I probably won't release you then. Look on the bright side: you can see yourself when you look down between your legs.

Just a tiny peek into a recent play session between slave D and I, Mistress K. I really like the appearance of this new design and wanted to test it out before we put it live on the website. I'm pleased to announce that he hasn't cum after three weeks locked up. It's nice and comfy (his words, not mine), and both locking options are more secure than the prior silicone model.

So, what improvements did we make to the original version? There are two new locking options, as well as extra side vents along the shaft, which make it easier to keep yourself clean without having to remove the cage.

The new locking options make the entire kit more secure when it's secured onto your cock. The original version did not include holes at the ends of the side pins, but the improved HoD601S variant has. This means you can slip the accompanying locking bar through each locking pin and secure it all with the brass padlock. If you want something different, you can use numbered zipper locks, which work similarly but need you to press the top of the lock to seal. The only way to remove them is to cut the wire, which will alert your dominant if you've cheated.

This kit includes five various ring sizes, so if you're not sure which one would fit you best, you can try a few to see what will allow you to wear the cage comfortably for the long term.

Sizing Information

Size: Small


Cage Length: 65mm

Total length including back ring - Longest length - 90mm, shortest length - 85mm 

Inside Diameter: 34mm

Included in the display box:

1 High Quality Black Silicone Cage

5 silicone rings in different sizes - 36mm, 38mm, 45mm, 48mm and 52mm (All inside diameter measurements)

Locking pins and spacers

1 Looped locking bar.

1 brass padlock with 2 keys

5 numbered zipper locks

Waterproof: Yes

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